Fred Garden is an 8-piece band from Berlin that smoothly blends jazz, r’n’b and hip hop. Compound polyrhythmic grooves meet broken beats and odd meters. Expect multi-layered compositions with rich saxophone harmonies that give way to burning solos intertwined with spoken word. The band started in 2017 as an instrumental ensemble exploring new and unusual rhythms. Today, the inclusion of a horn section and vocals add soul and refine the expressive sound of the group. They released their debut single „Found“ in 2019.

Zuza Jasińska   –   vocals

Efim Brailovskiy   –   alto sax

Robin Danaher   –   tenor sax

Elli Sooss   –   baritone sax

David Pöll   –   guitar

Jens Bollosch   –   keys

Thanos Karakantas   –   bass

 Johann Gottschling   –   drums


upcoming shows:

30.09.22   Panke, Berlin

28.10.22   Gdańsk

some past highlights:

Hafen 2 (Offenbach, 2022)

MS Stubnitz (Hamburg, 2022)

Plac Defilad (Warsaw, 2022) 

Zughafen (Erfurt, 2022)

YAAM (Berlin, 2019)

Klunkerkranich (Berlin, 2019, 2022)

Badehaus (Berlin, 2019, 2022)

Kiezerwachen (Potsdam, 2019)